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International teacher and carer recruitment is over-reliant on an incredibly narrow range of advertising locations, the 'old boy network' and internal promotion.

The result: a glass ceiling on your career journey and mediocre teaching and learning.

We are a new company born out of these frustrations and committed to ensuring that our friends and partners achieve better.

Below are five reasons why you should register with us now. Don't rely on luck when planning your next career move - rely on us.

1. Gain access to opportunities not advertised through the usual channels

Teachers and recruiters most often limit themselves to a small number of sources such as the TES. Many schools rely heavily on the 'old boy network', particularly UK private schools, or revert to traditional agencies focused on temporary staff or late appointments.

The result of this is continuity rather than the kind of dynamic learning that children should, and can, experience if a conscious effort is made to source inspirational new teaching talent.

What we can offer you:

We specialise in long-term and permanent appointments on behalf of the best school and family employers.

We have a direct line to:

  • Headteachers of first-rate private and international schools.
  • The owners of school networks, UK and international, who commission us to recruit on their behalf when a new school project is at the planning stage.
  • Reliable, internationally-minded families who work with us on an exclusive basis.

We keep our ear to the ground at all times and will connect you with the kind of fresh, attractive opportunities that your skills and experience merit.

2. Experience an exciting and focused job-search, not wasting any time or effort

Schools sometimes fail to realise that the willingness to complete a long-winded application does not correlate in any way with professional competence as a teacher or carer. The application process is also often a disconcerting 'shot in the dark' since you do not know if there is an internal candidate who is a shoo-in or if you are one of a four or five hundred-strong applicant pool.

Candidate requirement lists are almost always too generic, providing limited insight into whether you are really a good fit for the role or if it will be genuinely rewarding.

All in all, the inability of institutions to step outside of these recruitment norms mean that many of the best candidates simply do not bother to apply, and many teachers become so jaded with form filling that they accept the first serious offer they get.

What we can offer you:

  • A five minute initial registration process.
  • The full inside track on the particulars of the job description, employer and location.
  • You only fill in more detailed forms when you are within touching distance of being appointed (i.e. short-listed as one of the final 2-3 candidates).
  • Our reputation for integrity will encourage employers to favour you, since they know that we only advance people who do a great job!

Our mission is to make the job search easier and quicker, enabling you to focus your time and energy wisely, greatly increasing your chance of finding a role and employer to which you are ideally suited.

3. Receive 100% reliable information about prospective employers and locations

You deserve to be fully informed before you sign a contract or board a flight to an entirely new land. School websites (generic at the best of times), inspection reports, travel advice and conversations with direct school recruiters rarely provide this; if you accept a contract with a family, it is unwise to rely purely on intuition. But then what is the alternative?

What we can offer you:

Moving to a new country entails a certain amount of risk, but this in no way needs to be an irresponsible gamble. We have contacts in all job locations on which we provide you detailed and honest information, so that you can be sure you know precisely what to expect when you step off that plane.

We conduct employer background checks (including families) that are even more stringent than teacher background checks conducted by schools, using our extensive network of partner organisations and teaching and childcare professionals; some of whom have lived and worked in the relevant location. We speak directly to current staff (not just recruiters) and connect you with your potential future colleagues.

We'll give you the peace of mind that you are making a safe and sensible career move.

4. Become a genuine contender for promotion opportunities

It is striking how management and leadership roles often go to undistinguished internal candidates in preference to impressive external applicants on the basis of 'the devil you know'.

The tendency to promote internally or employ either a personal contact or someone who has done that precise job before creates an annoying and unfair 'glass ceiling' that can feel impossible to break through.

We understand the reasons for this, but this tendency to be overcautious can really hold back children's learning, and you from securing the position that you deserve.

What we can offer you:

Our consultants are senior leaders from first-rate schools with a reputation for honesty and integrity, and as such our advice carries considerable weight with employers, giving them the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone and take recruitment decisions that best serve their students' interests. This means more opportunities for you.

We'll be honest with you and will put you forward only for roles that we are convinced you will excel at.

We'll then ensure that your application has that 'point of difference' that helps you to stand out from from the crowd.

5. Remain on the cutting edge of teaching and childcare

We value our teachers and carers and want to make it in your interest to remain registered with us both when you are job-searching and after you get settled in your role.

What we can offer you:

As part of our commitment to provide a boutique service to the best professionals and employers in the industry we provide:

  • A cash grant to spend on your professional development whenever you accept a full-time role through us.
  • Free updates that help you remain on education’s cutting edge.
  • Free career advice and coaching.

At Peter Pan agency our mission is not just to get you an international teacher/carer position; we are also here to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your career, and to ensure that you ease into your position quickly and comfortably.

Register with us now here. We look forward to meeting you and to helping you achieve new heights in your career.

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