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Teacher or Carer Full Registration Form

Any information supplied during the registration process is strictly confidential.

We will not share this information with anyone apart from prospective employers.

Submission of this form indicates your consent to us contacting the referees who you name in Section 10.

Prospective employers will be able to view your qualifications and experience but will not be provided with your name, contact details or any other personal information until we have sought your express permission.

You will need:

  • Full details of your education and work experience.
  • Full contact details for three professional referees.
  • A formal, high quality photograph.
  • The CV / completed application that you used to apply for your current position, or one that is more recent.

For sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 of this registration form, it is vital that there are no dates omitted from the chronology of your employment history / gaps in employment since you left full-time education.

Your progress in completing this form is saved automatically upon completion of a field, provided that you continue to input your information from the same device and web browser.

Fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory and others are optional.

  • Section 1 - Role & Location
  • If necessary, refer to our Jobs page

  • Section 2 - Personal Details & Contact Information

    Tip: Have your formal photo ready to upload!

  • If you have a different teaching or childcare professional profile then answer 'No' and explain details in Section 3

  • Section 3 - Education & Professional Qualifications

    Please provide details of your education and professional qualifications, starting with the most recent

    Tip: Have a copy of your CV or resume to hand before you start filling in this section!

  • + Click here to add Education & Professional Qualification
  • Section 4 - Current Employment
  • Can be an institution, a private employer (e.g. a family) or self-employed

  • If you are still employed at this place, simply leave the end date empty

  • Section 5 - Previous Employment

    Please begin with the most recent employers and work backwards until the end of your Secondary school / Grade 12 education.

  • + Click here to add Previous Employment
  • Section 6 - Gaps in Employment
  • Section 7 - Professional Development and Training
  • Please also include details of any courses that you are currently certified to deliver as a course leader

  • Section 8 - Family Details
  • Section 9 – Interests and Strengths
  • This should both provide an interesting portrait of you as a person and include information potentially of interest to a prospective employer

  • Section 10 – References

    Selecting referees to use:

    The first referee should usually be your current or most recent employer.

    If your current / most recent employment does / did not involve work with children, then your second referee should be from your employer with whom you most recently worked with children.

    If a referee's position has changed since you were colleagues, please state the capacity in which you knew them as well as their current role.

    Please limit your use of peer colleagues to one person.

    Please avoid using relatives or someone known to you solely as a friend.

  • References from a professional email are generally considered more objectively credible, both by non-school and school-based employers

  • Section 11 – Criminal Record & Suitability to Work with Children (birth-18 years)
  • Section 12 - Health
  • Section 13 - Declaration


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